John Deere H180 NSL

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Optional skid steer attachment carrier

The skid steer attachment carrier is installed in place of the standard John Deere attachment carrier and allows for the use of skid steer attachments on the H180, H160, and H165 Loaders.

Quik-change attachment carrier 

Allows fast, easy removal and mounting of attachments without tools. 

Quik-Park™ loader mounting system 

The parking stand, attached to the front frame of the tractor, is an integral part of the loader during loader operation. The parking stand lowers into position by moving the joystick to the raised position once the latches are opened. This allows the loader to move to the park position.


Fits the following models: 4R Series Tractors and older 4 Series Tractors of similar size

Model 4X20
Front tire 8.00-16 6PR R1 TI
Rear tire 13.6-28 4PR R1 TI
Front axle configuration MFWD
Wheelbase 1816 mm (71.4 in.)
Pump capacity 60.2 L/min (16 gpm)
Rated pressure 17.2 MPa (2500 psi)
Leveling configuration Non-Self-Leveling
Bucket used Materials - 73 in.
Bucket weight 146 kg (321 lb)
Lift capacity at full height Measured at pivot (U) 1128 kg (2482 lb); Measured at 500 mm ahead of pivot (V) 844 kg (1857 lb)
Lift capacity at 59 in. (1500 mm) Measured at pivot (W) 1345 kg (2959 lb) Measured at 500 mm ahead of pivot (X) 1075 kg (2365 lb)
Boom breakout force Measured at pivot (Y) 1841.6 kgf (4060 lbf) Measured at 500 mm ahead of pivot (Z) 1395.5 kgf (3076 lbf)
Bucket rollback force capacity At maximum height (VV) 982.3 kgf (2166 lbf); At 59-in. (1500-mm) lift height (XX) 1513.6 kgf (3337 lbf); At ground-level line (ZZ) 1614.5 kgf (3559 lbf)
Dimensions Maximum lift height (A) 2820 mm (111 in.); At full height - bucket level(B) 2615 mm (103 in.) At full height - bucket dumped (C) 2218 mm (87 in.)
Overall length (I+F), ft (m) 3.5 m (11.5 ft)
Overall height in carry position (J) 1.5 m (5 ft)
Digging depth (H) 119 mm (4.7 in.)
Reach At maximum height (D) 751 mm (30 in.); At ground level - bucket level (F) 1698 mm (67 in.)
Bucket angle Dump angle, degrees (E) 47.14 degree (angle); Rollback angle, degrees (G) 42.4 degree (angle); Dump angle, ground 130 degree (angle)
Cycle times Loader raise, seconds, 4.31 seconds; Loader lower, seconds 3.36 seconds; Bucket dump, seconds 2.83 seconds; Bucket rollback, seconds 2.58 seconds