Yetter 2940-055

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No field is perfectly uniform throughout, and taking time during spring planting to stop and make adjustments for changing field conditions, while necessary, is a hassle. Enter the 2940 Air Adjust* Residue Manager from Yetter, the first in the 2940 Air Adjust series of products. With the Air Adjust, row cleaner adjustments can be made from the tractor cab with a push of a button.

The Air Adjust uses up and down air bag pressure to allow farmers to make adjustments more quickly and accurately during planting. Residue manager height and down pressure can be adjusted independently from each other by fine-tuning air bag pressure. Its parallel linkage arms allow the residue manager to follow ground contour, just like the row unit.


• Ties into planter hydraulics or plumbed directly to the tractor remote
• Has a 12 gallon tank
• Quick recovery time
• Made to be used in conjunction with 2940-053 or 2940-054 control boxes