Yetter 2940-054

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• Make quick and accurate adjustments with the touch of a button from the cab

• Height and down pressure settings can be adjusted independently

• Presets can be programmed for quick changes

• Units can be raised from cab as needed with push of a button for wet areas, waterways, end rows, etc.

• ISOBUS option available for John Deere and CNH RESIDUE MANAGER The residue managing power Yetter is known for with convenient on-the-go adjustment

• Features parallel linkage so manager

floats with ground contour

• Available in wide and narrow widths

• Adjust up and down pressures to create the ideal ride for residue managers

• Down pressure can be increased to fix row cleaner in rigid position


• Same features as the 2940-053, but has 3 ports to allow for additional air control options
• Hooks into an existing or new hydraulic compressor to control air to the 2940 Air Adjust series of products.
• Up and down pressure can be controlled from the tractor cab.
• Easy installation
• Pneumatic Hydraulic Control Kit uses the in cab controller to make adjustments to the 2940 series of products with the push of a button.
• Optional/ manual regulator valves can be added