Unverferth 542 Roadrunner

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  • The Roadrunner header transport features total, tool-free patented adjustability for easily changing rest bracket location
  • The upper rest bar allows full width support of the combine head or grain platform, and it contains storage space for extra cutter bars
  • Upper rest bar features four-way adjustability for the greatest flexibility for carrying several different heads and platforms with one unit
  • The tongue is length-adjustable from 57" to 81" to match individual towing needs and telescopes up to 91" for ease of hitching
  • The tricycle front wheels facilitate maneuvering for tight turns, and the tongue rotates fully under the frame so less space is needed during storage
  • Standard-equipment front molded-plastic fenders rotate with the wheels to minimize road damage to combine heads
  • Electric cord with round 7-pin blade-style connector is both length-adjustable and lockable for added life and convenience
  • Front and rear axles feature torsion-flex suspension with highway speed-rated tires keep the Roadrunner smooth and stable when towing
  • Adjustable rear axles for matching your brand or style of head or platform
  • The lower rest bar maintains its rigidity to carry the heaviest headers
  • 12.5" wide rest brackets feature patented cam-lock handles for complete, tool-free adjustability, and tie downs with easy-operating ratchet for securing the load are standard equipment
  • Standard-equipment safety chain, adjustable-width LED rear light package, reflective striping and optional electric rear and/or front brakes enhance transport safety
  • When equipped with brakes, break-away auto brake engagement kit is standard
  • Available in your choice of a high-gloss finish in tractor red, green or black for optimum durability
  • Optional undercarriage-mounted spare tire for easy access


Roadrunner with Adjustable Upper Restbar Models with Adjustable Upper Rest Bar
42' Model

Wheel / Axle Type Tandem / Truss Rear Axle
Fits Grain Platforms: 42' & Smaller
Fits Draper Platforms: 42'' & Smaller
Fits Corn Heads (30" Rows): For specialty & narrow row heads
Rear Wheel Tread Width 6'
Overall length (Approx.) 53'5"'
Upper support tube, dimensions 6" x 3" x 43'
Height adjustment, maximum 4' 0"
Height adjustment, minimum 3' 0"
Bracket height adjustment, maximum 2' 8"
Bracket height adjustment, minimum 2' 0"
Span between upper / lower bar, maximum 4' 4"
Span between upper/lower bar, minimum 2' 11"
Tires (Highway rated) Front & Rear 235/80 x 16
Approx. weight, with wheels and tires (lbs.) 3,500

Due to continuing improvements in the design and manufacture of Unverferth products, all specifications contained herein are subject to change without notice