Unverferth 536 Roadrunner

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The tricycle front wheel design with standard plastic fenders facilitates maneuvering for tighter turns and features a torsion-flex suspension for the safest and most stable towing.


Models are available in 48', 42', 36', and 30' for hauling the widest variety of corn heads, grain platforms, and draper platforms, including those with stalk stomper attachments.


Patented four-position height adjustable rest brackets provide easy wrench-free adjustment and feature extra-tall backstops that can be flipped down for carrying low-profile headers. The rest bracket features side plates that pivot for use or storage.


The tandem rear axle design features 6,000 lb. axles and rubber cushioned suspension for the smoothest ride. The tires on the rear axle are set at a 93” tread width for increased clearance from the head.


The tongue is length adjustable from 57” to 81” and features a telescoping clevis hitch that makes hitching to a pickup, combine, or tractor quick and easy. The tongue can be rotated 180° and stored underneath the frame for more compact storage.


The 48’ model is standard with four-wheel electric brakes and the 42’ model is standard with two-wheel electric brakes. Two- (36’ & 30’), four- (42’, 36’ & 30’) and 6-wheel (all models) brake packages are available as options. Brake packages include a breakaway engagement for enhanced transport safety.


The RoadRunner header transport features a highly durable powder-coat finish in your choice of red, green or black for a long-lasting finish that resists corrosion.


Roadrunner with Adjustable Upper RestbarModels with Adjustable Upper Rest Bar  
MODEL 36' Models 536 36' Model 536
Wheel / Axle Type Tandem / Rubber Torsion Front, Rubber Cushioned Rear Tandem / Rubber Torsion Front, Rubber Cushioned Rear
Fits Grain Platforms: 35' & Smaller 35' & Smaller
Fits Draper Platforms: 36' & Smaller 36' & Smaller
Fits Corn Heads (30" Rows): 12 Row &Smaller 8 Row & Smaller
Rear Wheel Tread Width 7' 9" 7' 9"
Overall length (Approx.) 47'5" 47'5"'
Upper support tube, dimensions 6" x 3" x 37' 6" x 3" x 37'
Height adjustment, maximum 4' 0" 4' 0"
Height adjustment, minimum 3' 0" 3' 0"
Bracket height adjustment, maximum 2' 6" 2' 8"
Bracket height adjustment, minimum 2'0" 1'10"
Span between upper / lower bar, maximum 4' 4" 4' 4"
Span between upper/lower bar, minimum 2' 11" 2' 11"
Tires (Highway rated) Front & Rear 235/80 x 16 235/80 x 16
Approx. weight, with wheels and tires (lbs.) 3,220 2,960
Max Head Weight* with 235/85x16 Tires (lbs.) 14,000 14,0000

*Rated at agricultural speeds.
Due to continuing improvements in the design and manufacture of Unverferth products, all specifications contained herein are subject to change without notice