Unverferth Portable Conveyor

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It’s belt capacity, not speed that makes moving seed with an Unverferth pull-type tubular-style conveyor both fast and gentle. The patented 12" wide 5-ply rubber conveyor belt features offset rows of cupped cleats inside of an 8" tube for carrying large volumes of seed at low operating speed for minimal seed damage. Unverferth 8" portable seed conveyors can move up to 35 bushels per minute (2,040 bushels per hour) and are constructed of tubular-steel with powder-coat finish for optimum durability. They feature a heavy-duty steel transport frame, new implement tires and a wide, 8-foot base for extra stability when in a high working position and during towing. Operating height is easily adjusted with a friction-disc winch.

The patented 5-ply rubber conveyor belt design features offset rows of cupped cleats to minimize seed damage while providing a greater carrying capacity. The 8” conveyor features an unloading speed of up to 35 bushels per minute. Models are available in 8" x 21', 8" x 30' and 8" x 35' sizes.



Model 8' x 21' 8' x 30' 8' x 35'
Transport Height 9'11" 11'1" 11'9"
Transport Length 24'11" 35' 39'10"
Maximum Discharge Height 13' 21'9" 24'3"
Minimum Discharge Height 8'3" 6'11" 9'4"
Maximum Overall Height 15'6" 24'8" 26'10"
Minimum Overall Height 10'9" 11'5" 12'
Reach - Maximum Height 3'4" 6'6" 10'3"
Reach - Minimum Height 5'5" 11'3" 14'
Average Capacity @ 30° Angle 1,500 bph 2,040 bph 2,040 bph
Approx. Weight (lbs.) 1060 2,030 2,325
Due to continuing improvements
in the design and manufacture
of Unverferth seed conveyors,
all specifications contained herein
are subject to change without notice.