Great Plains PFH20

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Precision Fertilizer Hitch
Precision Fertilizer Hitches take hitches to the next level of no-till seeding with the addition of 400 gallons of fertilizer, a highly accurate fertilizer pump, and adjustable down pressure (fertilizer system optional).

The rockshaft lift gives this unit plenty of lift capacity to pick up not only a full planting unit but also 400 gallons of on-board fertilizer. The dual 12.5L tires are designed to straddle 30" rows. Automatic pivot locks engage when fully raised fully to the transport position.

Center Pivot Design
Great Plains is the only no-till system that plants properly on curves and contours. Our CPH (Center Pivot Hitch) and PFH (Precision Fertilizer Hitch) aligns the coulters with the openers for perfect tracking. As the illustration demonstrates, competitive brand pivoting coulters cannot maintain proper tracking.


Model Name PFH-20
Row Spacing 7 1/2", 10"
Number of Coulters 32, 24
Hitch Category II
Weight 7215, 6695
Working Width 20'
Transport Width 20'
Height 7' 5" w/tanks
Length 12' 2"
Fertilizer Capacity (opt) 400 gal.
Tire Size 11L x 15"
Coulter Depth 0 to 6"
Coulter Preload 450 lbs.
Coulter Command Optional
Markers Optional
Hydraulic Weight Transfer Standard
Center Pivot Design Standard
Piston Pump Rates 5 to 80 GPM