BH310-2 Series Rotary Cutters

The BH310-2 Series picks up where the BH210-2 Series trails off. Built with similar (but heavier-duty) design features as the BH210-2 Series, the BH310-2 Series has larger gearboxes, stronger decks, full-length strongbacks, reinforced rear sideband area, thicker sidebands and hitch structure. Heavy grass, weeds, and medium-sized brush and saplings don’t stand a chance against these authentic Bush Hog® built cutters. Available in 5-foot, 6-foot, and 7-foot cutting widths, the BH310 Series Rotary Cutters are designed to deliver superior performance in tough conditions, day after day, year after year. Remember, “If it doesn’t say Bush Hog®, it just won’t cut it.”