Bush Hog SQ84T

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Performance Features
  • Bush Hog® Performance in an Economical Pasture Mower
  • 9-feet 9-inches Cutting Width
  • Rubber cushioned axles gives load protection when working on rough terrain.
  • Manual or hydraulic lift, single or dual axles on pull models.
  • High Blade Tip Speeds
  • Round blade pans are standard equipment.


Construction Features
  • Available In Lift, Pull & Semi-Mount
  • 5 Year Gearbox Limited Warranty
  • Floating A Frame HItch
  • Strongbacks are 7 gauge box steel
  • Drivelines are fully shielded and tough slip clutches standard on all models.
  • Deep side bands and high blade tip speeds assure better cutting performance.
  • Round blade pans are standard equipment.


Model SQ84T
Cutting Width: 7 ft.
Cutting Capacity: 1 1/2 inch diameter
Cutting Height: 2 to 12 inches
Dimensions (width x length): 7 ft 3 inches x 6 ft 3 inches
Type Hitch: Category I Hitch 9 inch offset (Lift only)
Deck Thickness: 11 gauge
Sidebands: 7 3/8 inches x 11 gauge
Driveshaft ASAE Cat 3
Cross Shaft Rubber Elements
Gearbox 60 HP (main) 45 HP (outboard)
Tractor PTO Speed; 540 RPM
Driveline Protection Slip Clutch
Height Adjustment Adjustable
Blade Holder(s) Oval type
Blades 1/2 x 4 inch uplift
Blade Tip Speed 11,500 FPM
Tires: Laminated
Tractor HP Range: 35 - 50 PTO
Axles Adjustable
Deflectors: Standard Front Belting/Rear Bands
Approximate Weight: 720 lbs