Bush Hog 3308SH

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Performance Features
  • 8-feet 3-inches Cutting Width
  • Lift, Pull & Semi-Mount Models
  • SH Model Ideal For Orchards
  • Fiber Disc Cross Shafts
  • Heavy Rugged Deck Structure.


Construction Features
  • 10-Gauge Deck Construction
  • 7-Gauge Strongbacks
  • 1/4-inch Sidebands
  • Replaceable Wide Skids
  • 5 Year Gearbox Limited Warranty
  • Powder Coat Paint


Safety Features

  • Safety Tow Chain (Standard on Pull Model)
  • Safety Shields Combination of Front and Rear Chains and Rear Band


Product Features

3308SH Model — Also available in a pull model with self leveling tongue and the heavy duty axle (fixed axle arms not casters as shown above), a selection of 20-inches solid laminated tires or used aircraft tires and manual or hydraulic height control.

Optional Heavy Duty Axle On Lift & Semi-Mount Models

Cross Shaft From Splitter Box To Outboard Gear Box


Model 3308SH
Cutting Width 8-feet 3-inches
Cutting Capacity Up to 2-inches
Cutting Height 2 to 13-inches
Dimensions (width x length) 8-feet 10-inches x 7-feet, 11-inches (Lift), 12-feet 9-inches (Pull)
Type Hitch ASAE Cat. 1 & 2 (No top link) Semi Mount, 0 to 13-inches Offset
Deck Thickness 10-gauge
Side Bands 1/4-inch x 12-inches
Minimum Tractor HP 40 PTO (Semi-Mount)
Driveline ASAE Category 4 with Slip Clutch
Cross Shaft Fiber Disc
Gearbox HP Center, 140, Outboard, 130
Tractor PTO Speed 540 RPM
Driveline Protection 4 Plate PTO Slip Clutch
Height Adjustment Heavy Duty Axle - Manual or Hydraulic
Blade Holder(s) Round
Blades 1/2-inch x 4-inches - Uplift
Blade Tip Speed 16,121 FPM/540 RPM
Blade Overlap 5-inches
Tires Laminated
Axles Heavy Duty Axle Bundle with Shock Absorber
Deflectors Combination of Front and Rear Chains and Rear Band
Safety Tow Chain N/A
Approximate Weight 1,944-lbs.