Bush Hog SM60

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Performance Features
  • 145 Inches Of Reach
  • Ideal For Ponds & Ditch Maintenance
  • Operates From 85° Down To 90° Up
  • Self Contained Hydraulic Drive
  • Anti-Cavitation device to protect your cutter’s hydraulic system
  • High blade tip speed for a cleaner cut in all conditions
Construction Features
  • 10-gauge deck with 10-gauge x 8-inches side bands
  • Anti-Cavitation Protection
  • Direct drive to hydraulic pump (Cast Iron)
  • Double-edge blades are 1/2-inch x 4-inches
  • Round bladeholders allow the cutter to

Safety Features

  • WARNING: For non-agricultural use, OSHA, ASAE, SAE and ANSI require the use of chain guards or other protective guards at all times. Bush Hog strongly recommends the use of such guards for agricultural use as well, to reduce the risk of property damage, serious bodily injury, or even death from objects thrown out by or from contact with the cutting blades.
Product Features
  • Standard equipment includes a convenient parking stand to assist in attaching the SM60 to your tractor. The stand easily pins out of the way during operation.
  • Fast attachment to your tractor is achieved with the Cat. ll Standard and Cat. ll & lll Quick Hitch.
  • The optional, adjustable tailwheel provides extra support for the main beam- a real plus when working on rugged terrain.
  • Standard equipment includes a round blade pan that provides driveline protection by allowing the blades to glide over field obstructions.


Model SM60
Cutting Width 60 inches
Cutter Head Movement 90 ° up to 85 ° down
Transport Width 126 inches
Driveline ASAE Cat. 4, 540 or 1, 000 rpm
Type Hitch Cat. II Standard, Cat. II & III Quick Hitch Hydraulic
Pump Mounting Machine only, pto drive
Cutting Capacity 1 in.
Hydraulic Oil Capacity 35 gal., factory filled
Minimum Tractor Weight 6,000 lbs.
Hydraulic Capacity 24 gpm /540 rpm; 19.1 gpm /1,000 rpm
Minimum Tractor Lift Capacity 3200 lbs. 24 inches behind lift pins
Overload Protection Hydraulic relief valve
Deck Thickness 10 gauge
Counterweight 275 lbs., standard
Blade Holder Round
Weight 1,675 lbs.
Blade Tip Speed 17,300 fpm / 540 rpm; 18,570 fpm / 1,000 rpm
Maximum Extension of Cutter Head145 inches from tractor center line
Blade RPM 1101
Extension Arm Travel 31¼ inches
Blade Rotation Shipped clockwise, but reversible
Front and Rear Deflectors Standard equipment
Type Blades x 4 in., double edge
Options Side gauge wheel, tailwheel for main frame