John Deere FM2012R

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  • Anti-scalping rollers
  • Auto-engage transport latch
  • Free-floating mower deck
  • Various cutting blades


Manufacturer John Deere
Model FM2012R
Cutting width  
Total, ft, in. (m) 3.7 m
  12 ft
Center deck, ft, in. (m) 1.5 in.
  5 ft
Wing deck, ft, in. (m) 1.2 m
  4 ft
Transport width, ft, in. (m) 2.3 m
  7.7 ft
Overall width, ft, in. (m) 3.7 m
  12.2 ft
Transport length, ft, in. (m) 3.6 m
  11.9 ft
Max overall length, ft, in. (m) 3.9 m
  12.7 ft
Transport height, ft, in. (m) 1.9 m
  6.2 ft
Operating, lb. (kg) 1222 kg
  2694 lb
Shipping, lb. (kg) 1222 kg
  2694 lb
Operating tongue, lb. (kg) 169.6 kg
  374 lb
Transport tongue, lb. (kg) 351.1 kg
  774 lb
Tractor requirements  
Power, hp (kW) 18.6-59.7 kW
  25-80 hp
PTO speed rpm 540 rpm
Ratio 1:3.09
Splitter gearbox hp (kW) 59.7 kW
  80 hp
Mower deck gearbox hp (kW) 37.3 kW
  50 hp
Type Gearbox over V-Belt
Wing driveline Cat. 3
Input driveline Cat. 6 CV with slip clutch
Drawbar Cat. 1 or Cat. 2
Clevis Rigid or floating (optional)
Adjustment 4 position
Thickness, gauge 8 gauge
  4.176 mm
  0.1644 in.
Overlap, in. (cm) 15.2-22.9 cm
  6.0-9.0 in.
Lift cylinders, in. (cm) 6.4x25.4 cm
  2.5x10 in.
Wing travel, degrees Up 30 degree (angle)
  and down 15 degree (angle)
Discharge type Rear
Cutting height  
Range, in. (cm) 2.5-12.7 cm
  1-5 in.
Adjustment Spacer on caster
Average tip speed, fpm (meter per minute) 4799.69 m/min
  15,747 fpm
Spindle quantity Nine
Spindle type Cast iron
Spindle bearings Shielded (two per spindle)
Overflap, in. (cm) 2.9 cm
  1.125 in.
Dimensions, type 1, in. (cm) 42.2x5.7 cm
  16.625x2.25 in.
Dimensions, type 2, in. (cm) 51.3x5.7 cm
  20.187x2.25 in.
Composition Heat-treated alloy steel
Transport (2) 20.5 X 8-10
Caster wheels  
Quantity 12
Type Pneumatic
Size, in. (cm) 27.94x10.2 in.
  11x4 in.
Bearings Caged roller needle
Front Standard
Ground pressure  
Pounds per square inch (kg per square centimeter) 6398.21 kg per square centimeter
  9.1 pounds per square inch
Type B section, polyester/clogged
Adjustment Single point, slotted track-no idlers
Mainframe Double round tubing: 8.89 cm
  3.5 in.
Lighting and safety  
Transport lights Standard
Rear chain shields Standard
Auto-engage transport latch Standard
Markings SMV
Set-up time  
Labor hours 0.75
Machine 1 year
Gearbox 1 year