John Deere WR1012

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Each model folds to less than 11-ft (4-in.) wide for easy transport and convenient storage. The lock pins keep the WR10 Series Carted Wheel Rake frames in position during transport.

The Frontier WR10 Series Carted Wheel Rake's hydraulic cylinder enables raising and lowering the rake frames on the go, right from the tractor cab.  

When necessary, the transport lock pin can be used to lock either side of the rake in the transport position so you can rake a single windrow at a time.

Field adjustments on the Frontier WR10 Series can be made quickly and easily with the turnbuckles. Simply turn the turnbuckle to change the windrow width.

The Frontier WR10 Series Carted Wheel Rakes' shock-absorbing springs provide smooth performance over rough or uneven terrain and are adjustable to vary rake-wheel down pressure.

  • Easy transport and storage
  • Smooth performance
  • Quick field adjustments
  • Center kicker wheel conversion kit


Manufacturer John Deere
Model WR1012
Transport width 3.32 m (10.92 ft)
Transport length 5.68 m (18.67 ft)
Frame clearance ---
Raking width ---
Minimum 6.8 m (22.33 ft)
Maximum 7.41 m (24.33 ft)
Windrow width ---
Minimum 121.92 cm (48 in.)
Maximum 182.88 cm (72 in.)
Transport height 3.61 m (11.83 ft)
Implement 628 kg (1386 lb)
Shipping 2 units: 1435 kg (3164 lb)
Rake wheel 
Quantity 12
Diameter 139.7 cm (55 in.)
Hubs Ball bearings
Teeth per wheel 40
Teeth diameter 0.64 cm (0.25in.)
Flex up Limited
Flex down Limited
Tractor compatibility 
Horsepower requirements 14.9 kW (20hp)
SCV ---
Type ---
Quantity One
Electrical requirement ---
Minimum tractor size ---
Transport ---
Size 185/65-14
Quantity Two
Gauge ---
Size ---
Quantity ---
Lights None
Marking SMV
Hitch jack Standard
Safety chain Standard
Set-up time 
Labor hours 5
Time period 1 year
Date collected