John Deere LW12 Series In-Line Bale Wrapper

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Optional on LW12 Series only  

The optional power jack hydraulically raises the bale ramp to a level position to eliminate air pockets between bales when starting a row. The bale ramp is lowered after three bales have been wrapped. 

The control box and levers are the control center of the in-line bale wrappers. A few of the uses are to turn the unit on and off, control the bale ramp, and bale push. 

The twin-wrap kit is an optional feature on all LW Series In-Line Bale Wrappers. This kit provides a double layer of wrap, increasing the amount of wrap applied to bales. It increases the wrapping process, saving time.

The film wrap sensor automatically shuts down the wrapping cycle when the machine runs out of film or breaks.

An optional 20-hp Honda engine and high-flow pump provide increased capacity to get the job completed more quickly.  

NOTE: LW Series In-Line Bale Wrappers come standard with a 13-hp Honda engine. Honda is a U.S.-registered trademark of Honda Motor Co.

The optional dual-power drive offers the same great features as the single-power drive, such as allowing the operator to maneuver the unit without attaching it to a tractor. The optional dual-power drive allows both rear tires to provide added traction, rather than just one tire. This feature is great for wet or uneven ground conditions where traction is limited. The optional dual-power drive is available on both the LW11 and LW12 Series In-Line Bale Wrappers.

Traction implement tires make the in-line wrappers sure-footed on wet and uneven terrain to help get the machine where it needs to be for wrapping bales. 

The LW11 Series comes standard with the traction implement tires, and they are available on the LW12 Series only when ordered with single- or dual-power drive.

The adjustable tongue (hitch) folds neatly out of the way for wrapping. It is located at the opposite end of where the bales are wrapped. The adjustable tongue makes moving and repositioning the machine a quick and easy task, saving time and money.

Optional guide rollers help to keep the bales on the bale ramp on uneven terrain.

The optional remote control is for steering, starting, and stopping the unit. It allows the operator to conveniently control the machine while loading bales.

The optional single-power drive is available on both the the LW11 and LW12 Series In-Line Bale Wrappers. This feature allows the operator to maneuver the unit without attaching it to a tractor. The single-power drive has one rear tire, providing traction to the unit.

The bale push is unique because it is an integrated part of Frontier's LW Series In-Line Bale Wrappers. It is the first step of the final bale push-off process.

The optional work lights provide increased visibility when wrapping bales before dawn or after dusk.


Manufacturer John Deere
Model LW1266
Overall machine height 2.7 m        9 ft
Overall machine width 2.7 m        9 ft
Overall machine shipping length 5 m          16.4 ft
Overall machine length 7.7 m        25.4 ft
Weight 2381.4 kg       5250 lb
Towing unit minimum weight 1587.6 kg       3500 lb
Bale capacity 
Round bale diameter 1.7 m       5.5 ft
Square bale size 0.9x0.9x.1.7 m          3x3x5.5 ft
Quantity Four (two front, two rear)
Size (front) 11L-15 Implement
Size (rear) 11L-15 Implement
Engine type Honda
Engine size 9.7 kW      13 hp
Alternator size, amp 18 amp
Start type Electric
Type Electric over hydraulic 12 V
Hydraulic system Self-contained
Steering Hydraulic with optional remote control
Power drive Optional, hydraulic single or dual wheel
Folding tail gate Hydraulic
Lift mechanism Optional hydraulic power jack
Compacting brakes Hydraulic adjustable pressure valve
Hoop speed Adjustable flow control valve
Cycle time Adjustable with limit switches
Wrapping capacity 120 bales per hour
Film tensioners Two aluminum rollers: 76.2 cm    30 in.  with stretch: 55 percent
Bale alignment Adjustable bale guides
Bale guide rollers Optional
Final bale push off 
Bale pusher Self-contained scissor linkage
Unloading Manual cross tube
Type Folding
Length Adjustable
Lighting, marking and safety 
Transport safety lights Standard
Markings SMV and reflectors
Safety tow chain Standard
Jack Standard
Set-up time 
Labor hours 1
Machine 1 year