John Deere BU10 Series Bale Unroller

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The Frontier BU10 Series Bale Unroller requires a 2-in. x 8-in. hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic kit is needed for use, but it does not have to be purchased with the unroller.

The BU10 Series Bale Unroller is iMatch and quick-hitch compatible with Category 1 and 2 hitches. These quick-attach systems allow for a super-quick connection.

The Frontier BU10 Series Bale Unroller has a strong, tubular framing with heavy-duty welding, which provides exceptional strength and durability. This rugged machine can handle round bales up to 2000 lb and 4-ft to 5-ft wide bales up to 6-ft in diameter.



Manufacturer John Deere
Model BU1060
Height  66.7 cm 
 26.25 in. 
Width  184.5 cm 
 72.63 in. 
Length  155.9 cm 
 61.38 in. 
Operating  140.6 kg 
 310 lb 
Shipping  181.4 kg 
 400 lb 
Hitch type  
Category  Cat. 1, Cat. 2  
iMatch™ and Cat. 1 quick coupler  ---  
Cat. 2 quick hitch  Yes  
Cat. 3 quick hitch  ---  
Bale handling  
Type  Large round  
Quantity  One  
Capacity at 24 in.  907.2 kg 
 2000 lb 
Primary  ---  
Quantity  ---  
Location  ---  
Size  ---  
Stabilizing  ---  
Quantity  ---  
Location  ---  
Size  ---  
Tube size  10.2x10.2 cm 
   4x4 in. 
Set-up time  
Labor hours  0.5  
Time period  1 year