John Deere BC11 Series Bale Carrier

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-Walking beam axles, tandem tires, and larger flotation tires create a smoother ride on uneven or rough terrain.

-The bale push bar moves the bales rearward after they are loaded, making room for the next bale.

-Frontier's bale carriers have been designed with a low profile to improve rearward visibility when loading bales or moving bales.  The low-profile design provides increased safety for operators.

-Frontier's bale carriers have an adjustable bale arm to fit different bales sizes, as follows:

  • BC1108 maximum bale diameter of 152.4 cm (60 in.)
  • BC1110 maximum bale diameter of 177.8 cm (70 in.)


-Model BC1110 has a new designed bale loading arm for improved machine performance.


Shorten your workday with reliable Frontier Bale Carriers – a quick, convenient way to move multiple bales from field to storage, or to line them up evenly for wrapping

  •  Adjustable bale arms 
  • Only requires two hydraulic selective control valves (SCV’s)
  • 45 degree dumping angle


Model Towing Unit Minimum Weight Bale Capacity Loaded Capacity
BC1108 13,300 lb. (6,033 kg) 6 to 8 bales  20,000 lb. (9,072 kg)
BC1110 16,000 lb. (7,258 kg) 8 to 10 bales 24,000 lb. (10,886 kg)