John Deere HT1138

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Frontier header transports all come with state-of-the-art torsion, flex rear suspension for a much smoother ride. This gives a less bumpy and jarring ride and keeps the heads from bouncing around.

Standard adjustable sliding brackets on the HT11 and HT12 Series Header Transports allow the carrying of most platform and corn heads on the same transport. 

Optional draper head support brackets allow the transport to also carry John Deere draper heads.


Manufacturer John Deere
Model HT1138
Intended transport mode Maximum transport speed of 32 km/h
20 mph
tractor tow
Plug type 7 Pole tractor
Markings Farm implement
Fits header equipment Deere corn, draper, and platform: 10.1-11.6 m
33-38 ft
Gross vehicle weight, lb (kg) 7620 kg
16800 lb
Standard equipment including wheels and tires, lb (kg) 1361 kg
3000 lb
Standard wheels 38.1x15.2 cm
15x6 in.
Standard tires 225/75/R15 LRE (10-ply) radial

6 bolt on 14.0 cm
5.5 in.
bolt circle

Spindle capacity, lb. (kg) 1361 kg
3000 lb
Hitch type (standard) Telescoping clevis w/safety chains: 1.91 cm
0.75 in.
hitch pin included
Hitch type (optional) Telescoping 7.62 cm
3 in.
pintle eye
Overall length, ft (m) 14.7 m
48.3 ft
Tongue length, ft. (m) 2.3 m
7.7 ft
Wheelbase, front to rear axle, ft (m) 9.20 m
29.5 ft
Tandem axle split, center to center, ft (m) 1.7 m
5.5 ft
Overhang, past back rear axle wheel, ft (m) 1.7 m
5.6 ft
Overall tread width, in. (m) 2.6 m/min
102 in.
Adjustment range, rear of mounting bracket saddle to center of top bar, in. (cm) (76-147 cm
30-58 in.
Labor hours 0.5
Time period 1 year