John Deere BR72 Pick-Up Broom

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  • Pick-up brooms feature a 635-mm (25 in.)-diameter brush with 50/50 poly wire brush segments and a baffle to hold debris in bucket.
  • Heavy-duty, high-torque drive motor is coupled to the brush core through a 25.4-mm (1 in.) splined shaft.
  • Bolt adjustment on brush provides infinite height control.
  • Two-standard caster wheels (not on fixed brooms) allow for better balance and stability when sweeping.
  • During bristle replacement, the drive motor can be pulled from the brush core without disconnecting any hydraulic lines. This means less mess and cleanup, with little chance of hydraulic fluid contamination.
  • Optional gutter brush has adjustable flow to allow for different material applications and the ability to turn off when not in use.
  • Like all Worksite Pro attachments, these pick-up brooms are optimized to work with John Deere G- and E-Series Skid Steers and Compact Track Loaders (CTLs), and K-Series Compact Loaders. They're also compatible with many competitive models.


Model BP72 Pick-Up Broom
Sweeping Width  1828 mm (72 in.)
Operating Weight  431 kg (950 ib.)
Number of Wafers 44


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