John Deere 4066R

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  • Turbocharged diesel engine
  • PowrReverser™ or eHydrostatic Transmission Options
  • Cab or Open Station configurations
  • Premium features: Hitch Assist, Aux Hitch Control, HST controls


Manufacturer John Deere
Model 4066R Gear 4WD / HST 4WD (2017)
Family  EYDXL2.09HDA  
Manufacturer  Yanmar  
Engine model  4TNV86CHT-MJT  
Engine power (gross)  48.5 kW 
   65.9 hp 
   PS at 2600 rpm 
   SAE J1995 rated power  
Power take-off (PTO) power  Gear - 40.2 kW 
   54 hp 
   Hydrostatic transmission (HST) - 38.7 kW 
   52 hp 
   Per SAE J1995  
Rated engine speed  2600 rpm 
Type  Diesel  
Injection pump type  High pressure common rail direct injection  
Aspiration  Turbocharged and charge air cooled  
Emissions compliance  Final Tier 4  
Cylinders/displacement  4 / 2.091 L 
   4 / 127.6 cu in. 
Number of cylinders  Four  
Cylinder liners  Cast-in-block  
Bore and stroke  86 x 90 mm 
   3.4 x 3.54 in. 
Compression ratio  19.1:1  
Lubrication  Pressurized  
Cooling system  Liquid  
Air cleaner  Dual element with electronic restriction indicator  
Engine torque at rated speed  178 Nm 
   131.3 lb-ft 
Fuel tank capacity  Rollover protective structure (ROPS) - 49.2 L 
   13 U.S. gal. 
   Cab - 52.2 L 
   13.8 U.S. gal. 
Battery size  770 CCA 
Alternator (12-V)  75 amp 
Starter size  2 kW 
   2.68 hp 
Fuel system  
Type  High pressure common rail direct injection  
Fuel consumption  ---  
*Fuel consumption rate should be used for comparison purposes only  ---  
Standard transmission; forward/reverse  12/12 PowrReverser transmission (PRT)  
Optional transmission; forward/reverse  3/3 Hydrostatic transmission (HST)  
Left-hand reverser  Yes  
Transmission gear ranges  ---  
Final drive  Planetary  
Brakes  Multi-plate wet disc  
Steering  Hydrostatic power steering  
Clutch, wet/dry  Wet  
Clutch disk diameter wet clutch  129 mm 
   5.08 in. 
Axle capacity  Mechanical front-wheel drive (MFWD) - 1.6 kg 
   5.9 lb 
Front  1600 kg 
   3528 lb 
Rear  2400 kg 
   5292 lb 
Creeper  Standard  
Cruise control  Standard  
Differential lock  Yes  
Drawbar maximum vertical load    
Type  Open center  
Pump rated output  60.2 L/min 
   15.9 gpm 
Steering  21.5 L/min 
   5.7 gpm 
Implement  38.7 L/min 
   10.2 gpm 
Pump type  Dual gear  
Maximum operating pressure  ---  
Draft control sensing  Position control  
Remote control valves available  Three remotes optional  
3-point hitch  
Category  Category 1  
Lift capacity, 24-in. behind link arms  1135 kg 
   2500 lb 
Power take-off (PTO)  
Standard  Rear - 540 at 2600 rpm 
Optional  540 rpm 
   540E rpm 
Control  Independent  
Clutch  Wet disc  
Brake (for mid and rear PTO)  ---  
Engagement method  ---  
Fluid capacities  
Crankcase with filter  5.3 L 
   1.4 qt 
Transmission and hydraulic system  44 L 
   12 gal. 
Final drive  
Type  Planetary  
Differential lock  Yes  
Operator station  
Rollover protective structure  Yes  
Type  Foldable  
Platform - flat/straddle  Flat  
Gear shift location - console/floor  Left-hand side  
Compliance  OSHA, SAE, ASAE  
Visibility  360 degree (angle) 
Air conditioning, temperature differential  16.7 °C 
   30 °F 
Doors  One  
Noise rating  78 dBA 
Seat equipment  Air  
Wheelbase  185.5 cm 
   73 in. 
Front axle clearance  39.5 cm 
   15.6 in. 
Turning radius with brakes  2.8 m 
   9.19 ft 
Turning radius without brakes  3.0 m 
   9.84 ft 
Limited slip differential  ---  
Approximate shipping weight (open-station; cab)  Open operator station (OOS) - 1710 kg 
   3770 lb 
   Cab - 2120 kg 
   4675 lb 
Front  Farm - 8-16  
   Turf - 27x10.5-15  
   R4 - 10-16.5  
Rear  Farm - 14.9-24  
   Turf - 44x18-20 or 22.5LL-16.1  
   R4 - 17.5Lx24  
Front tread range  148.1 cm 
   58.3 in. 
Rear tread spacing  137.2 cm 
   54 in. 
Toolbox  ---  
Tilt steering wheel  ---  
12-V Outlet  ---  
Date collected  ---