Frontier™Livestock & Equine Equipment

Free-Stall Scrapers

 Maintain cleaner dairy pens with a handy Free-Stall Scraper. Clear out corners and hard-to-reach areas to make cleaning stalls less of a chore.

· Reversible and replaceable rubber edge
· Optional bolt-on back-drag
· Compatible with 300, 400, and 500 Series Loaders

Manure Forks with Grapple

Move manure or clean up hay with a Manure Fork with Grapple.
· Compatible with a wide range of John Deere loaders
· Cylinders, hoses, and tips included


Save time and money when feeding large herds with the Grinder-Mixer. The large-capacity chamber enables dairy and beef producers to mix their own rations in fewer loads.
· 14 in. (36 cm) mixing auger
· Pulley-driven pump, cyclonic reservoir and pressure-relief valve featured in self-contained hydraulic system
· Weight scale is optional

Chain-Unloading Manure Spreaders

Spreading manure is both cost-effective and efficient with a Chain-Unloading Manure Spreader. It spreads material evenly to maximize nutrient value.
· 25 to 660 heaped bushel capacity
· Polyethylene bonded floor