John Deere 1814DC

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Stable, precise finish grading
Optional precision land-leveling kit stabilizes the scraper and eliminates “duck walking,” allowing precise, high-speed finish grading with a carry-all bucket. From rough cut to final grade without configuration changes.

Strong, unobtrusive cross tube
High-clearance cross tube provides blade visibility and unsurpassed strength.

Strong, durable gate cylinder
Large 152-mm (6 in.)-diameter gate cylinder provides rugged durability and plenty of material-clamping force.

More capacity, less spillover
Optional super-overflow spill guard adds more capacity and prevents spillover behind the bucket, maximizing productivity while minimizing tire wear and poor fuel efficiency.

Fast, easy connection
Push/pull breakaway couplers for 19.1-mm (0.75 in.) hoses simplify and speed connection to optional high-flow hydraulics. Rear quick-attach hitch option lets you quickly connect or disconnect tandems without tools.

Agile in tough conditions
Generous ground clearance and low ground pressure keep you moving, even in less-than-ideal conditions.

Faster, cleaner unloading
With a wide 1397-mm (55 in.) throat opening, the fast-dump bucket rotates a full 70 deg. for cleaner unloading and less material carry-back.


Model 1814DC
Struck capacity cubic yards 14
Heaped capacity cubic yards 18
Overall dimensions ---
Length, ft, in. (mm) 25ft. 2in. (7671 mm)---
Width, ft, in. (mm) 15ft. 10in. (4826 mm)
Height, ft, in. (mm) 7ft. 6in. (2286 mm)
Bucket dimensions ---
Length, ft, in. (mm) 6ft. 10in. (2083 mm)
Width, ft, in. (mm) 14ft. 0in. (4267 mm)
Height, ft, in. (mm) 3ft. 10in. (1168 mm)
Approximate shipping weight, lb (kg) 21,000
Tongue 26%
Wheels 74%
Number of tires per scraper 6
Tire sizes ---
Standard 17.5 X 25
Option 1 20.5 X 25
Option 2 NA
Minimum 360
Maximum 575+
2 rows of blade bolts Standard
6-in. bolt-hole spacing Standard
Straight blade configuration Standard, 3 piece blades
Drop center configuration Optional
Teeth configuration Optional
Adjustable router bits Standard
Size of lines and hoses 3/4in.
Tandem lines Standard
Minimum flow required, gpm 25 gpm
Minimum pressure required, psi 2500 psi
GPS/Laser adaptable Yes
Direct loading Yes
Top loading Yes
Push loading Not Approved
Autoload Yes
Hitch type Yoke
Special tractor drawbar required Yes
Six months Standard
Extended warranty (2-3 years) Optional
Yoke-type drawbars Optional
Quick-attach drawbars Optional
Drawbar hitch adapters Optional
Scraper-to-scraper quick-attach Factory Installed Only
Bolt-on rear bumper Optional
Laser receiver bracket Optional
High-speed leveling skid pads NA