John Deere 8370R

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  • 370 Engine hp
  • John Deere PowerTech™ 9.0L PSS
  • Choice of 16-speed PowerShift, e23™ PowerShift, or Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT™)
  • MFWD, or Independent Link Suspension (ILS™)


Model John Deere 8370R
Official Test  
Nebraska Test number TBD Nebraska Test
Manufacturer John Deere
Engine family 9.0L: EJDXL 09.0301
Aspiration Dual turbochargers, variable geometry turbo with fixed geometry turbo in series
Cylinders/Displacement, cu. in. (L) 6 cylinders/9.0 L 549 cu in.
Cylinder Liners Wet
Fuel tank capacity, US Gal. (L) (Open; Cab) Standard With G47/48 tires: 645 L 170.4 U.S. gal. With G49 tires: 686 L 181.2 U.S. gal.
Advertised PTO hp (kW) @ Rated rpm At 2100 per SAE: 233 kW 313 hp
Advertised Engine hp (kW) @ Rated speed At 2100 per 97/68EC PS: 272 kW 370 hp
Std. Transmission; Forward/Reverse IVT (42) km/h
Opt. Transmission; Forward/Reverse e23; 23/11 (42 or 50) km/hIVT (50) km/h
Reverser Left-hand or Right-hand
On-the-Go Shifting (Yes/No/Partial) Yes
Clutch; Wet/Dry Wet
Creeper IVT
Standard 45 mm 1.75 in. 20 spline, 1000 rpm
Optional in-cab shiftable: 45 mm 1.75 in. 20 spline, 1000 rpm 1000E economy rpm
PTO Speeds @ Engine rpm IVT: 1000 PTO rpm @ 2000 engine rpm, 1000 ECO PTO @ 1594 engine rpm, and 540 PTO rpm @ 1814 engine rpme23: 1000 PTO rpm @ 1995 engine rpm, 1000 ECO PTO @ 1590 engine rpm, and 540 PTO rpm @ 1810 engine rpm
PTO Actuation Electrohydraulic
Type Closed-center, pressure/flow compensated
Pump Rated Output, GPM (L/min.) Standard 227.1 L/min 60 gpm Optional321 L/min 85 gpm
Rated Flow @ One SCV, GPM (L/min.) Rear: 0.5 in. SCV: 132 L/min 35 gpm Rear: 0.75 in. SCV: 153 L/min 40.5 gpm Front SCV: 96 L/min 25 gpm
Maximum Operating Pressure, psi (kPa) 20,400 (+ or - 300) kPa 2958 psi
Hitch Draft Control Load Sense Type Electronic
Remote Control Valves Available Standard: four Optional: five or six 2 Front SCV option
Hitch Category (SAE Designation) Cat 4N/3
Hitch Lift Cap. lb (kg) @24 in. Bhnd Lift Pt. Standard Cat 4N/3: 9072 kg Cat 4N/3: 20,000 lb Optional Cat 4N/3: 6,803 kg Cat 4N/3: 15,000 lb
Sensing type Electrohydraulic
Joystick SCV control Electrohydraulic optional
Type Inboard planetary
Differential controls Electrohydraulic
Availability Front Yes Front & Rear Yes Yes
Engage On-the-Go Rear Differential Lock Yes
Axle Type Bar axle, rack and pinion
Brakes, Type and Control Hydraulic wet disc
Rollover Protective Structure, OOS Gearshift Location - Console/Floor Command ARM
Cab DoorsLeft hand  Platform - Flat/Straddle Flat Seat Suspension System Standard: air Optional: Active Seat Optional: Cab suspension with Air Seat
Approx. Ship Wt, lb (kg) Open; Cab ILS/IVT with 625-kg (1378-lb) inner weights,front weight support, Cat4 hitch with QC, 113.6 L (30 gal.) fuel, 480/80R50 rear duals, 420/85R34 front duals:15,009 kg33,091 lb
Wheelbase, in. (mm) MFWD: 3080 mm 121.3 in.ILS: 3050 mm 120.1 in.
Front Tread Range, in. (mm) 1500 MFWD/ILS: 1524-3657 mm 60-144 in.
Front Axle Clearance, in. (mm) MFWD: 686 mm 27 in. ILS: 590 mm 23.2 in.
Limited Slip Differential Hydraulic lock differential
Approx. Ship Wgt, lb (kg) Open; Cab ILS/IVT with: inner weights: 625 kg 1378 lb Front weight support/Cat4 hitch with QC/Fuel 113.6 L30 gal. 480/80R50 duals/420/85R34 front duals 14,828 kg 32,691 lb
MFWD Front 420/85R34 Rear 480/80R50
Country of Manufacture Waterloo, IA USA
Ballasting Restrictions, lb (kg) Refer to operator's manual