John Deere 9470R Scraper Special

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  • John Deere PowerTech™ 13.5L PSS
  • New and improved e18™ PowerShift Transmission
  • New CommandView™ III cab
  • New HydraCushion™ Suspension option


Manufacturer John Deere
Model 9470R Scraper Special
Manufacturer  John Deere  
Engine family  PowerTech™ PSS 13.5L  
Aspiration  Dual Series Turbocharger w/fixed geometry first stage-variable geometry second stage - air-to-air aftercooling and cooled exhaust gas recirculation  
Cylinders/Displacement, cu. in. (L)  13.5 L 
   824 cu in. 
Cylinder Liners  Wet-sleeve  
Standard  1514 L 
   400 U.S. gal. 
Advertised Engine hp (kW) @ Rated speed  346 kW 
   470 hp 
Max Torque Rise (80% rtd spd) @ Eng rpm  38 percent 
Std. Transmission; Forward/Reverse  e18™ 18-speed PowerShift 40 kph (25 mph); 18F, 6R with Efficiency Manager™  
Type  Closed-center, pressure/flow compensated  
Pump Rated Output, GPM (L/min.)  ---  
Standard  220 L/min 
   58 gpm 
Optional  435 L/min 
   115 gpm 
Rated Flow @ One SCV, GPM (L/min.)  Standard coupler: 132 L/min 
   35 gpm 
   12.7 mm 
   0.5 in. 
   Optional coupler: 159 L/min 
   42 gpm 
   19.0 mm 
   0.75 in. 
Maximum Operating Pressure, psi (kPa)  20,000 kPa 
   2900 psi 
Remote Control Valves Available  4 Standard, 6 Optional  
Final Drive  
Type  Inboard planetary  
Differential controls  Full-locking electrohydraulic  
Engage On-the-Go Rear Differential Lock  Yes  
Axle Type  Double reduction  
Brakes, Type and Control  Hydraulic wet disk, self-adjusting on front and rear axle  
Operator Station  
Doors  1 left-hand  
Seat Suspension System  Standard: Air  
   Optional: Active Seat™  
4WD Dimensions  
Wheelbase, in. (mm)  3912 mm 
   154 in. 
Turning Radius w/o Brakes, ft (m)  6.04 m 
   19.8 ft 
Standard Tires  
4WD  710/70R42 in. 173A8 R1W radial in dual configuration  
Country of Manufacture  Waterloo, Iowa, USA  
Ballasting Restrictions, lb (kg)  Lesser of 24,494 kg 
   54,000 lb 
   or Tire Capacity  
*Notes  Updated - 08/25/2014