Industry's largest gang bolt
We beefed up the gang bolt to a full two-inch diameter — the biggest in the industry. All bolts feature an easy-tension innovation.

Increased weight per blade
We packed extra weight on each machine — up to 60% heavier depending upon disk size, blade spacing and blade size. This delivers more muscle to penetrate up to 8 inches in rock-hard wheat ground or to chop and mix thick corn residue in a single pass.

Exclusive hydraulic fore/aft leveling
Hydraulic fore/aft leveling is standard on all 2600 Series Disks. From the comfort of your cab, you can make easy adjustments as field conditions change to keep the disk level.

Sealed maintenance-free bearings
A high-density polymer liner reduces friction and wear in rough field conditions, improving reliability and reducing service time.

Versatility for varying tillage needs
Whether you need primary tillage for the heaviest soils or secondary tillage for uniform seedbed preparation — or a dual-purpose disk for both — the 2600 Disks Series has the right tool for you

Choice of widths to match your fields
The widest model works more than 49 feet per pass to stretch your productivity from your big four-wheel tractor. Or choose from many smaller models to let you match your tillage needs with your available horsepower.

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Residue Management

Find out how much residue is left behind after a particular tillage pass with John Deere's interactive Residue calculator