90 Series Opener
These openers are so effective, we’ve sold more than one million since their introduction. They slice through residue with ease, while delivering accurate seed placement.

Floating seed indicator
No more guessing how much seed is left. A seed level indicator is used on plain grain boxes and is visible from the tractor seat.

Bi-fold markers
Easily avoid expensive overlaps and skips and watch efficiency improve by adding bi-fold markers to your 1590. Available on the 15-foot and 20-foot models.

Electronic Population Rate Control
Changing seed populations on-the-go from the tractor is simple with Electronic Population Rate Control (EPRC).

Active hydraulic down pressure
Our active hydraulic down pressure lets you match down pressure to your conditions. Down pressure can be adjusted from 165 to 400 pounds to penetrate hard soils and heavy residue.

Hitch choice
Three hitch options let you match your power and acreage. Your choices: a regular drawn hitch; a two-point semi-integral hitch for rolling fields, and a drawn caster-wheel hitch for smaller tractors.