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Supports GreenStar™ 3 2630 Display features

The Sidekick Pro ISO by Raven direct-injection system is an ISOBUS-compatible controller that communicates directly with the GreenStar 3 (GS3) 2630 Display. Each Sidekick Pro ISO pump populates within the menu key on the GS3 2630, allowing the operator to access the settings for each pump.

The ISOBUS compatibility of the Sidekick Pro ISO system also enables the use of features on the GS3 2630 Display. John Deere Section Control can be used to control the sections on the GreenStar Rate Controller, thus controlling the product application of the Sidekick Pro ISO.

Each Sidekick Pro ISO pump will populate a product application operation within the documentation softkey on the GS3 2630. This allows the operator to document the chemical that is being injected into the carrier solution. Also, since each pump populates a separate operation, prescriptions (Rxs) can be utilized for each pump. This provides the operator the flexibility to apply the product application in the most effective and efficient manner; saving time, inputs, and money.

Sidekick Pro ISO is a U.S.-registered trademark of Raven Industries Incorporated.

Compatible with GreenStar™ Rate Controller

The Sidekick Pro™ ISO by Raven is a direct-injection system that works directly with the GreenStar Rate Controller. This requires the sprayer, anhydrous ammonia (NH3) toolbar, or fertilizer applicator to be equipped with a GreenStar Rate Controller.

The rate controller communicates directly via controller area network (CAN) bus with the Sidekick Pro ISO system so the proper amount of chemical is being injected for the current speed, current boom/implement width, and application rate. The rate controller homepages and setup menus have been updated to support some of the basic functionality for the Sidekick Pro ISO system.

All functions of the Sidekick Pro ISO system can be accessed directly from the GreenStar 2630 Display. A machine or implement equipped with a single GreenStar Rate Controller is capable of working directly with up to three Sidekick Pro ISO systems.

Sidekick Pro ISO is a U.S.-registered trademark of Raven Industries Incorporated.

Reduces tank mixing and cleaning


The Sidekick Pro™ ISO by Raven is a direct-injection system that eliminates the need to mix chemicals with the carrier in the solution tank of the sprayer. The chemical is injected directly into the plumbing of the sprayer boom. This reduces the need to clean the solution tank since the chemical is never present in the solution tank.

The solution tank can then be dedicated to water only while chemicals reside in the tank of the Sidekick Pro ISO system. Check valves installed on the plumbing of the sprayer and the Sidekick Pro ISO system prevent contamination of the chemical and solution tank. 

Chemicals are mixed with the carrier in an in-line mixer that is installed onto the sprayer. A major benefit of the Sidekick Pro ISO system is that it is only mixing (utilizing) the amount of the chemical needed to complete the field. If there is excess chemical at the end of the field, raw chemical can be drained from the Sidekick Pro ISO tank and returned to the original container.
Without a Sidekick Pro ISO direct-injection system, chemicals and water are mixed in the carrying tank. The entire tank must be cleaned and flushed before changing chemical.

Sidekick Pro ISO is a U.S.-registered trademark of Raven Industries Incorporated.

Options to meet customer needs

The Sidekick Pro™ ISO by Raven direct-injection system has several options to meet the needs of users. The Sidekick Pro ISO system is available with either a low-volume or a high-volume pump. The low-volume pump has a capacity of 1 to 40 oz/min; the high-volume pump has a capacity of 5 to 200 oz/min. This helps the user to size the pump correctly for the type of implement or application the Sidekick Pro ISO direct-injection system is controlling.

Each Sidekick Pro ISO system can be configured with an optional tank and skid assembly. This option provides 24 gal. of chemical storage and a convenient mounting location for the pump on the skid assembly. Users can utilize an existing chemical-storage tank on the implement by ordering the Sidekick Pro ISO system without the tank and skid assembly.

Sidekick Pro ISO systems can be equipped with agitation on the optional 24-gal. tank. The agitation kit mounts on the 24-gal. tank (order the corresponding tank in attachments designed for agitation) and will keep chemicals properly mixed that are susceptible to settling out. The agitation system is controlled directly from the Sidekick Pro ISO settings on the GreenStar™ 3 2630 Display. 

An in-line mixer and check valves are required to complete a Sidekick Pro ISO direct-injection system. There are several different mixers and check valves available to meet the flow requirements of the solution system and the type of product that is being applied. 

Sidekick Pro ISO is a U.S.-registered trademark of Raven Industries Incorporated.


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