John Deere Field Connect

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You already know that moisture levels vary from field to field and plot to plot, but knowing when yield-robbing variances occur isn’t as easy to
predict. Now it is with John Deere Field Connect in-field monitoring. This straightforward solution helps you pinpoint where crops thrive, resources
are protected, and profits soar.

Intuitive and easy to use, John Deere Field Connect comes with the full support of your John Deere dealer. Field Connect uses field-installed
probes to monitor moisture levels at various depths. It then sends the information to the web-based interface where you can see the data on your computer or mobile device.

Additional environmental sensors are available to monitor temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, and also to measure rain and leaf
wetness. At the office or in the field, you and your John Deere dealer can instantly see if your soil moisture levels are balanced and decide what
measures need to be taken. Without delay or guesswork, you can advise your crew to make the adjustments needed to protect your yields and
reduce costs.


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