John Deere DB66 36Row22

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  • 66-ft. toolbar with 36 rows on 22-in. spacing
  • Available in mini-hopper, 1.6-bu., or 3-bu. MaxEmerge™ 5 row unit
  • Requires a minimum 275-hp tractor equipped with Category 4 drawbar


Model DB66
Rows and Row Spacing  
Number of rows 36
Row spacing, in. (cm) 22-in.
Fold configuration Front fold
Frame tube size, in. (cm) 7x7 (17.8x17.8)
Fold-and-go from tractor cab Base
Flexibility 3-section flex-frame; wing 15 degrees up and down
Base Drawbar
Optional NA
Rear hitch Optional
Lift System  
Type Electrohydraulic series rephasing cylinders w/center sec. drop axle
Number of cylinders 5
Base (4) 16.5x16.1, (4) 31-13.5x15
Optional NA
Quantity 8
Row Units  
Type MaxEmerge™ XP or Pro-Series™ XP
Opener Tru-Vee™ double disk w/15-in. blade
Depth gauging (2) 4-1/2x16-in. semi-pneum. wheels
Adjustment T-handle 1/4 to 4-in. with 1/4-in. increments
Walking wheels Optional
Row unit seed hoppers ---
Capacity 1.6 or 3.0 bu.
Material 1.6 bu. polyethylene or 3.0 bu. roto-molded plastic
Row unit down force Base equipment
Non-adjustable (4 springs) ---
Adjustable heavy-duty ---
Pneumatic Infinitely adjustable to 400 lb.
Scrapers, opener blades Optional
Plastic rotary Optional
Steel straight blade Optional
Heavy-duty Optional
Seed tube sensors Base equipment
Base AccuCount™
Optional ---
Seed Meters  
Base Vacuum
Optional ---
Finger pickup Optional
Radial bean meter Optional
Central Commodity System Optional
Seed capacity, bu. (cu. m) 100 bu.
Drive System  
Base 3-motor hydraulic variable rate drive
Optional Tire contact drive (chain)
Number of drive wheels Two
Drive wheel disconnect Automatic
Counter shaft 7/8-in. hex
Drill shaft 7/8-in. hex
Seed transmission Front-mounted
Transmission combinations 50 sprocket combination
Type Tri-fold
Control Independent
Base Independent
Optional NA
Marker disk 16-in. notched w/depth gauging band
Base 16-in. notched
Optional NA
Shear bolt protection NA
Less marker option Optional
Closing System  
Rubber tire closing system Base
Wheel (2) 1x12-in. rubber tires w/nylon wheel
Position In-line or staggered
Adjustment T-handle
Down force 5-position
Alignment Adjustable
Cast iron closing system Optional
Wheel (2) 1x12-in. cast iron wheel
Position In-line or staggered
Adjustment T-handle
Herbicide and Insecticide  
Insecticide only hopper Optional - 70 lb. *MaxEmerge™ XP only
Herbicide only hopper Optional - 70 lb. *MaxEmerge™ XP only
Insecticide and herbicide hopper Optional - 35 lb. *MaxEmerge™ XP only
Liquid Insecticide System  
System available ---
Tank capacity ---
Seed Monitor System  
Base SeedStar™2
Optional SeedStar™ XP
Tillage Attachments  
Unit-mounted coulter Optional
Frame-mounted coulter NA
Bubble blade NA
1-in. fluted blade (8 flutes) NA
Row tillage support hanger NA
Tine tooth NA
Cons. furrower w/ leading cutout blade NA
V-wing bed sweeps NA
Row cleaner NA
Row cleaner - unit-mounted coulter NA
Row cleaner - unit-mounted DD fert. opener NA
63-in. fluted blade (25 flutes)  
7-in. fluted blade (13 flutes)  
Onboard / towed / tractor tanks NA
Tank capacity NA
Fixed-rate application NA
Variable-rate application NA
Pump type NA
Pump rate (GPA) NA
Fertilizer opener type NA
Frame-mounted NA
Unit-mounted NA
Flow divider distribution system NA
Pressure manifold distribution system NA
Dry fertilizer NA
Number of hoppers NA
Hopper capacity NA
Transport width (with markers), ft. (m) 17-ft. 6-in. (5.3 m)
Transport width (without markers), ft. (m) ---
Transport length, ft. (m) 46-ft. (14 m)
Transport height, ft. (m) 10-ft. (3 m)
Transport weight, lb. (kg) 30,500 lb. (13,835 kg)
Transport underframe clearance 22-in. (55.9 cm)
Field operation width, ft. (m) ---
Field operation length, ft. (m) ---
Ag Management Solutions  
Map-based seeding Optional
Field documentation Optional
Parallel tracking Optional
Additional Information  
Recommended tractor horsepower 235 hp
Recommended tractor hydraulics 4 SCVs w/2250 psi operating