John Deere DB60 47Row15

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  • 60-ft. toolbar with 47 rows on 15-in. spacing
  • Available in mini-hopper MaxEmerge™ 5 row unit
  • Requires a minimum 350-hp tractor equipped with Category 4 drawbar


Model DB60 47 Row 15
Rows and Row Spacing  
Number of rows 47
Row spacing, in. (cm) 15
Fold configuration Front fold
Frame tube size, in. (cm) 7x7 (17.8x17.8)
Fold-and-go from tractor cab Base
Flexibility 3-section flex-frame; wings 15 degrees up and down
Base Drawbar
Optional NA
Rear hitch NA
Lift System  
Type Electrohydraulic series rephasing cylinders w/center sec. drop axle
Number of cylinders 5
Base (4) 16.5x16.1, (4) 31-13.5x15
Optional NA
Quantity 8
Row Units  
Type Pro-Series™ XP
Opener Tru-Vee™ double disk w/15-in. blade
Depth gauging (2) 4-1/2x16-in. semi-pneum. wheels
Adjustment T-handle 1/4 to 4-in. with 1/4-in. increments
Walking wheels Optional
Row unit seed hoppers Mini hoppers
Capacity 1/16 bu. mini hopper
Material Plastic
Row unit down force Base equipment
Non-adjustable (4 springs) ---
Adjustable heavy-duty ---
Pneumatic Base, Infinitely adjustable to 400 lb.
Scrapers, opener blades Optional
Plastic rotary Optional
Steel straight blade Optional
Heavy-duty Optional
Seed tube sensors Base equipment
Base AccuCount™
Optional ---
Seed Meters  
Base Vacuum
Optional ---
Finger pickup ---
Radial bean meter ---
Central Commodity System Base equipment
Seed capacity, bu. (cu. m) 100 bu.
Drive System  
Base 3-motor hydraulic variable rate drive
Optional ---
Number of drive wheels ---
Drive wheel disconnect ---
Counter shaft 7/8-in. hex
Drill shaft 7/8-in. hex
Seed transmission ---
Transmission combinations Infinite
Type Tri-fold
Control Independent
Base Independent
Optional NA
Marker disk 16-in. notched with depth gauging band
Base 16-in. notched
Optional NA
Shear bolt protection NA
Less marker option Optional
Closing System  
Rubber tire closing system Base equipment
Wheel (2) 1x12-in. rubber tires w/nylon wheels
Position In-line or staggered
Adjustment T-handle
Down force 5-position
Alignment Adjustable
Cast iron closing system Optional
Wheel (2) 1x12-in. cast iron wheels
Position In-line or staggered
Adjustment T-handle
Herbicide and Insecticide  
Insecticide only hopper ---
Herbicide only hopper ---
Insecticide and herbicide hopper ---
Liquid Insecticide System  
System available Central Insecticide System (CIS™)
Tank capacity 420 gallons
Seed Monitor System  
Base SeedStar™2
Optional SeedStar™ XP
Tillage Attachments  
Unit-mounted coulter Optional
Frame-mounted coulter NA
Bubble blade NA
1-in. fluted blade (8 flutes) NA
Row tillage support hanger NA
Tine tooth NA
Cons. furrower w/ leading cutout blade NA
V-wing bed sweeps NA
Row cleaner Optional w/SharkTooth™ wheels
Row cleaner - unit-mounted coulter NA
Row cleaner - unit-mounted DD fert. opener NA
63-in. fluted blade (25 flutes)  
7-in. fluted blade (13 flutes)  
Onboard / towed / tractor tanks NA
Tank capacity NA
Fixed-rate application NA
Variable-rate application NA
Pump type NA
Pump rate (GPA) NA
Fertilizer opener type NA
Frame-mounted NA
Unit-mounted NA
Flow divider distribution system NA
Pressure manifold distribution system NA
Dry fertilizer NA
Number of hoppers NA
Hopper capacity NA
Transport width (with markers), ft. (m) 17-ft. 2-in. (5.24 m)
Transport width (without markers), ft. (m) ---
Transport length, ft. (m) 41-ft. (12.5 m)
Transport height, ft. (m) 10-ft. (3 m)
Transport weight, lb. (kg) 29,800 lb. (123,517 kg)
Transport under frame clearance 22-in.
Field operation width, ft. (m) ---
Field operation length, ft. (m) ---
Ag Management Solutions  
Map-based seeding Optional
Field documentation Optional
Parallel tracking Optional
Additional Information  
Recommended tractor horsepower 235 hp
Recommended tractor hydraulics 4 SCVs with 2250 psi operating