John Deere 625

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  • Modular-design cutterbar
  • Easy hookup to tractor drawbar
  • Adjustable cutterbar angle
  • Flotation tires
  • Equal-angle hitch
  • Clevis hitch
  • Impeller conditioner
  • Windrow formation


Model John Deere 625 Mower-Conditioner
PTO speed 540 rpm
Powerline type Double-telescoping Grob spline
Hydraulic pressure required 13,790 kPa (2,000 psi)
Type John Deere
Cutting width 2.4 m (8.1 ft)
Cutting height 2.8-9.8 cm (1.1-3.8 in.)
Number of disks 5
Number of knives 10
Disk speed 2,650 rpm
Knife tip speed 307 km/h (191 mph)
Disk drive Gear
Lubrication Hy-Gard oil
Oil reservoir capacity 5.7 L (6 U.S. qt)
Cutterbar oil check Drain plug
Cutterbar angle Adjustable
Angle adjustment Mechanical or hydraulic
Cutterbar protection Shearhub
Adjustable gauge shoes Yes
Impeller Width 140 cm (55.2 in.); Diameter 59.4 cm (23.4 in.); Number of V-tines: 33; Number of speeds: Two Drive; 3-V power band belt and sheaves; Conditioner hood; Infinite adjust, single hand crank
Standard hitch Clevis
Ball joint equal angle hitch Optional
Overall width Transport 2.5 m (8.1 ft)
Overall length Conventional transport 6.2 m (20.6 ft)
Weight With impeller conditioner 2,027 kg (4,470 lb)
Standard tires 11L-15 standard (31x13.5 L) 15 optional