John Deere 620 Flex Cutting Platform

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  • Epicyclic knife drive increases drive capacity
  • Raised-height skid shoe
  • Less reel, mounting, and drive parts
  • HydraFlex™ float system improves operator control



Manufacturer John Deere
Model 620F
Type  Knife system with in-line gearbox 102 mm 
   4 in. 
Cutterbar angle  10 degree (angle) 
Cutterbar length, ft. (m)
 6.1 m  (20 ft ) 
Flex cutterbar float range, in. (mm)  152 mm  (6 in.)
Tilt adjustment  17 (located on feederhouse) degree (angle) 
Knife sections  Heavy-duty, over-serrated  
Guards  Forged steel, heat-treated  
Backshaft speed, rpm  490 rpm 
Knife speed, cycles/min.  520 cycles/min 
Platform auger  
Diameter, in. (mm)  660 mm (26 in.)
Operating speed, rpm  Slow down 135, 152 rpm /  Speedup 170 rpm 
Number for slats  6  
Diameter, in. (mm)  1,067 mm (42 in.)
Reel controls  
Height control  Hydraulic  
Speed control  Hydraulic  
Operating speeds, rpm  6-44 rpm 
Reel motor displacement (per revolution), cu. in. (L)  ---  
Reel drive system pressure, psi (kPa)  14,000 (+/- 1,000) kPa 
   2,000 (+/- 150) psi 
Reel fore/aft stroke, in. (mm)  359 mm (14.1in.)
Cutting width, ft. (m)  6.1 m (20 ft)
Gathering width, ft. (m)  6.2 m  (20.1 ft)
Overall width, ft. (m)  7 m (20.1 ft)
Approximate weight, lb. (kg)  1,788 kg (3,942 lb)