John Deere TS 4x2

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  • Best in class work capability
  • Enhanced stability for better performance in difficult terrain
  • Best in class durability


Manufacturer John Deere
Model Gator TS 4x2 (2016)
Type  4-cycle gas  
Displacement  400 cc 
   24.4 cu in. 
Power  10.1* kW 
   13.5 hp 
Cooling system  Air  
Transmission  Continuously variable transmission (CVT)  
Final drive  Fully enclosed; oil bath  
Four wheel drive  No  
Traction assist  Mechanically Activated Differential Lock  
Descent control  No  
Maximum traveling speed  0-20 (0-32 km/h) forward, 0-19.4 (0-31.2 km/h) reverse  
Front  Independent spring over shock, single A-arm  
Rear  Two high-floatation, low pressure tires (solid axles)  
Type  Wet disk in transaxle  
Park brake  Wet disk, hand operated  
Front  Two 22.5x10.00-8, 2 PR hi-flotation  
Rear  Two 25x12.00-9, 2 PR hi-flotation  
Dry weight  ---  
Dimensions / Capacities  
Wheelbase  1770 mm 
   69.7 in. 
Front tread centers  1270 mm 
   50.0 in. 
Rear tread centers  1220 mm 
   48 in. 
Height  1108 mm 
   43.6 in. 
Width  1525 mm 
   60 in. 
Length  104.0 in. 
Ground clearance  6.0 (under transaxle) in. 
   9.8 (foot platform) in. 
Fuel capacity  5.0 g 
Cargo box dimensions  39.5 (L) x 49 (W) x 9 (H) in. 
Cargo box capacity  227 kg 
   500 lb 
Payload capacity  408 kg 
   900 lb 
Towing capacity  408 kg 
   900 lb 
Hitch  1.25in hitch is available as an option (BM23839)  
Color  Green/Yellow  
Power steering  No  
Battery  340 @ -18 C (0 F) CCA 
Alternator  16.6 @ 3700 rpm (regulated) amp 
Instrumentation  Fuel Gauge, Hour Meter listed in the Sales Manual  
Storage  Cup Holder, Glovebox  
Seating  Bucket Seats  
Date collected  ---