John Deere CP690

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  • Ginning advantages offered only by John Deere
  • Conserve fiber quality with 360 degrees of protection
  • More power to pick in demanding conditions
  • Round module weighing affords expanded capabilities


Engine John Deere PowerTech PSS™
Horsepower 560 nominal
Power Boost 30 hp (590hp total)
Displacement 13.5L
Cylinders 6
Turbocharged/Aftercooled Yes
Alternator Two 200 amp alternators
Cooling System ---  
Rotary Screen Yes
Ground Level Access to Coolers Yes
Fuel System ---  
Type Direct injection
Governor Electronic
On Board Diagnostics Yes
Transmission ProDrive™ automatic-shift (AST)
Unit Configuration PRO-16
1st speed (4WD) 0-4.4 mph
2nd speed (4WD) 0-5.3 mph
3rd speed (4WD) 0-9 mph
4th speed (4WD) 0-17 mph
Brakes ---  
Type Multi-disk, wet
Tires: (Two available packages) ---  
Standard Drive Tire (Dual) 520/85R42 R1W
Standard Steering Tire IF580/80R34 R1W
Optional Drive Tire (Dual) 520/85R42 R2
Rear Wheel Drive Yes
On-Board Module Builder  
Module Shape Round/Cylindrical
Module Dimensions Up to 94-in. diameter X 94-in. wide
Module Weight 4500-5000 lbs. estimated
Unload on-the-go Yes
Wrap system carrying capacity 120 portions
Row Units  
Number of Rows 6
Spacings 30-, 36-, 38-, 40-in.
Picking Units  
Style In-line
Units Available PRO-16
Drums 2
Bars Front and Rear 16-12 (PRO-16)
Spindles per Bar 20 (PRO-16)
Doffer Pads Urethane
Moistener Pads Urethane
Unit Drive Protection Slip clutch
Unit Movement Crank and Roller
Picking Unit Lubrication  
Bars On-board
Upper Gears Standard
Lube Tank Capacity 68 gallons
Tank Capacities (US Gallons)  
Fuel Tank 370
DEF Tank 16
Moistener System (360 Gallon Capacity)  
Quick Fill Standard
Lube Hydraulic System
Overall Length 399-in. (harvest); 470-in. (transport)
Wheel Base 170-in.
Transport Mode 173.5-in.
Harvest Mode 206.5-in.
Full Height during module eject 25 ft
6-Row 66,000 lbs.