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Adjustable discharge chute accurately discharges to desired location

Adjustable discharge chute with handle Adjustable discharge chute with handle
Rotates 360 degrees Rotates 360 degrees

The discharge chute rotates 360 degrees for fast and easy positioning.


The chute also features an adjustable deflector to accurately direct the wood chips to the desired location.

Hydraulic feedroll mounted on spring-loaded frame

WC12 Series hydraulic feedroll frame WC12 Series hydraulic feedroll frame

The hydraulic feedroll is mounted on a spring-loaded frame on the WC12 Series Wood Chippers, allowing it to raise up and down depending on the size of the timber going through. 


The speed of the feedroll can be adjusted on the side of the wood chipper with the hydraulic flow valve.

Reversible feedroll has three positions that are easy to adjust on the feed box

Feed box with handle Feed box with handle
Reversible feedroll Reversible feedroll

Engagement of the feedroll is done by pushing or pulling the handle that wraps around the outside of the feed box. The feedroll has three positions: neutral, reverse, feed (forward).


The feedroll grabs the material as it is fed into the chipper and allows the operator to step away while it automatically pulls material into the knives.

Self-contained hydraulic kit for WC12 Series Wood Chippers

This factory-installed, self-contained hydraulic kit is for tractors with less than 22.7 L/min (6 gpm) of hydraulic capacity or with no available rear selective control valves (SCVs). The kit contains a hydraulic reservoir and power take-off (PTO) driven hydraulic pump.


Chip opening 229x406 mm
9x16 in.
Hopper opening 711x1067 mm
28x42 in.

Feed options

System Hydraulic
Feed_x001A_roller diameter 393.7 mm
15.5 in.
Hopper height 68.6 cm
27.5 in.

Chip chute

Adjustable Rotation: 360 degree (angle)


Unit 1161.2 kg
2560 lb
Rotor style Drum
Rotor 222.3 kg
490 lb

Tractor compatibility

PTO rpm 540 rpm
HP range (Tractor PTO hp) 56-86 kW
75-115 hp

3-Point hitch

Category Pull-type
iMatchâ„¢ or Quik-Coupler


Requirements 30.3 L/min
8 gpm
Self-contained system Optional


Knife quantity Two
Knife size 1.59x11.43x22.86 mm
0.625x4.5x9 in.
Knife bolt Gr 8 hex head bolts: 15.9 mm
0.625 in.
Shear bar A8 Hardened Anvil
Rotor rpm 2050 rpm

Belt drive system

Number Five
Type B-7 banded belt

Set-up time

Labor hours 0.5


Time period 1 year

Additional information

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