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Adjustable discharge outlet

Lever makes adjusting to left and right easy Lever makes adjusting to left and right easy

With a convenient lever, the discharge outlet is easily adjustable on Frontier™ debris blowers, allowing debris to be blown to the left or right.


Machine length 120 cm
47.123 in.
Machine width 127 cm
50 in.
Machine height 124 cm
48.75 in.


Operating weight 1516 kg
689 lb
Shipping weight 1870 kg
850 lb

Tractor compatibility

PTO, hp (minimum) 18.6 kW
25 hp
PTO, rpm 540 rpm
Hitch category Cat. 1 and Cat. 2
iMatch™ quick-hitch compatible


Driveline size Series 40


Diameter 75 cm
29.5 in.
Width 25 cm
10 in.
Number of blades 12
Speed 1455 rpm
Airflow 172 cm2
6061 cfm
Air velocity 227 km/h
141 mph
378 m/min
12400 fpm


Size 270x168 mm
10.625x6.625 in.
Squared: 72900 mm
70 in.
Height off ground 73 mm
2.875 in.
Location Right and Left
Adjustable Yes

Gauge wheels

Standard or optional Standard
Material, solid or pneumatic Semi Pneumatic
Location, front, rear 2 Front and 1 Rear, swivel
Quantity Three
Size, in. 305x76.2 mm
12x3 in.
Adjustable height range


Housing thickness 10 gauge
3.4 mm
0.13 in.


Configuration Wood crate
Units per crate One

Set-up time

Labor hours 0.5


Time period, machine 1 year

Additional information

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