John Deere Ag Management Solutions (AMS) is an advanced technology group that focuses on products and solutions in agriculture.

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Agriculture and precision agriculture technology is ever changing, and AMS works hard to provide customers with the most innovative and highest quality products. To help customers in this dynamic market of agricultural technology, John Deere AMS continues to work with current and potential customers to introduce new products and enhance existing products to increase customer satisfaction. Producers must reduce costs and increase both efficiency and profitability in order to survive. In this industry, information and the management of that information play an increasingly important role.


What is RTK?

RTK is a form of differential correction that uses fixed points instead of satellites for your correction signal. This allows the RTK signal to provide repeatable sub-inch accuracy because there is no satellite drift as there is with most GPS correction signals.


Why is ours better?

An RTK signal is pretty much an RTK signal no matter what brand you have, and while RTK offers an advantage over SF1 and SF2 signals, there is a big disadvantage in ALL brands of RTK systems - it's line of sight. In other words, if you can see the base tower, then you can get the signal. If not, then you've lost the signal. However, the John Deere, and only the John Deere system, works differently. We have RTK-Extend. RTK-Extend allows the vehicle to continue to move in the desired path as long as it gets a packet of information (signal) from the base tower once every 15 minutes. NOBODY else in the industry offers this feature, and this is why the John Deere system is better than every other system on the market today.


For example, if you're planting using mapped-based prescriptions, and you lose the GPS signal from the RTK on our John Deere Network, you keep on going with RTK-Extend, but on a competitor's network you stop and wait for the signal to come back, or worse yet, you never get a signal in that area, and you have to plant and drive manually.


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